Ak Workforce Investment Board – rfp

AWIB_Logo The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Alaska Workforce Investment Board (AWIB), anticipates receiving state funding for FY14 to support implementation of strategies and actions identified in the Alaska Career and Technical Education Plan.  The AWIB and its CTE Plan partners, the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development and the University of Alaska Statewide, invite eligible applicants to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance CTE opportunities for all Alaskans. Applications for this one-year funding are due by April 19, 2013.  Final grant awards are dependent on the AWIB’s receipt of state funding for this program.

Eligible applicants are:

(1)      Alaska school districts;

(2)      Alaska public postsecondary educational institutions, including Regional Training Centers (RTCs); or

(3)      Alaska non-profit entities partnering with a public education entity as defined in (1) and/or (2) above.

Proposed projects and activities must be aligned with the Alaska CTE Plan strategies and must:

(1)      include the implementation of Personal Learning and Career Plans (PLCPs) for program participants;

(2)      demonstrate a CTE curriculum that is based on current industry standards;

(3)      demonstrate how a local need that is congruent with the needs of the state in implementing the state CTE Plan will be met and may provide a lasting benefit;

(4)      be coordinated with partners, including at least one business/industry partner, as evidenced by a letter of intent from each partner that details the specific commitments and responsibilities of that partner;

(5)      address one or more of the high priority tasks for CTE Plan implementation.

All RFP and application documents are on the AWIB CTE website http://labor.alaska.gov/awib/cte.htm.

Questions regarding this solicitation should be emailed to CTE@alaska.gov, or call the Alaska Workforce Investment Board at 269-7485

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